2020 Merlot

    2020 Merlot

    Beautifully spicy with dark berry flavours, chocolate and subtle French oak flavours
    * Vegan Friendly
      Quick Description [+]
      This Merlot is a great example of Merlot when it’s bright and fresh, and we made this wine to show you how beautiful this grape variety can be when it’s grown in a cool climate and carefully made.

      Not every red wine shows better with heavy tannins and often the subtle nuances found in Merlot can be lost with excess oak maturation, so we limited the time this wine spent in oak barrels.

      With this Merlot, think flavours of chocolate, blackberry, blueberry, vanilla and spice with a touch of black pepper.
      Flavour [+]
      Abundant flavours of chocolate, blackberry, cherry and spice.

      Medium-bodied and balanced with a long, dry finish.
      Winemaking [+]
      Winemaking on this wine began when we gently de-stemmed the fruit without crushing the grapes so that the seed tannins were not released into the wine.

      A short period of cold skin contact before yeast inoculation was used to extract the delicate and fragile flavours and flavour-precursors from the Merlot skins, followed by a quick 7-day ferment to capture these flavours while encouraging further development of the wine’s complexity from the ferment.

      Malolactic fermentation was completed alongside primary fermentation (yeast fermentation) for a quicker, cleaner and more efficient finish.

      After 7 days fermented on skins, the Merlot was gently pressed off and only the best portions were kept. Malo-lactic fermentation was further encouraged through warming to finish within 2 weeks after pressing so that we could capture the nuances in the wine as soon as possible.

      Only 20% new French oak (ultra-fine grain) was used, as we wish to highlight the beauty in this wine and show you how great Merlot can be when pure.
      Food Matches [+]
      Perfect pairing - Spaghetti Bolognese.

      Pork ribs

      Grilled Salmon

      Roast Turkey