The Vineyard


Berrigan Wines Vineyard – Mount Benson

Proximity: 300km south of Adelaide, 3 km from the cold Southern Ocean
Climate: Cool and dry during growing season with a strong maritime influence.
Soil: Red loam over ancient, free-draining limestone.

Our vineyard is 8ha (20 acres) in size and comprises of the grape varieties Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is here that the ‘hands-on’ process of making our unique and high-quality wines begins!

Careful attention to detail is given to the vines year-round to ensure that our fruit has high concentration of flavour and deep colour intensity. To achieve this, Dan makes sure that;

a) the vine canopy is balanced with the fruit load
b) the canopy is very open to allow maximum sunlight and air circulation into the canopy and onto the fruit
c) the vineyard as a whole is well nourished with even growth within all blocks

The above is achieved with closely monitored drip irrigation, under vine mulching/composting, timely and selective pruning techniques, as well as the use of organic fertilisers & soil conditioners such as Seasol.

The high quality and elegant style of our wines really are a result of a combination of natural factors in our micro-climate such as wind, water, temperature, sunshine and soil. These influences set the foundation for the vines and the maturation of the grapes, but how we aim to manage the vineyard is to maximise this naturally unique ‘terroir’ and character of our fruit and guide them into becoming beautiful wines.

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