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Last press today, vintage 2018 complete! What a cracka! Report coming soon 🍇🍷👍
Berrigan Wines
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Plunging the Cabernet and putting the 2018 Chardonnay to barrel. So far so good this harvest! 🍇🍷👍
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Berrigan Wines
Today we dropped some 'green' bunches in the Shiraz. This is a time-consuming but effective way to reduce variability in your fruit and eliminate the un-ripe flavours in the resulting wine. 🍇✂️
Berrigan Wines is in Mount Benson, South Australia, ...
Berrigan Wines
Sauvignon Blanc almost ready to pick. Flavours are like sherbet at the moment, but the tropical flavours are gaining quickly 💪🧐
Berrigan Wines is in Mount Benson, South Australia, Australia.
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