2018 Shiraz

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"Champion Shiraz - (Dick De Luca Memorial Trophy)"
As reviewed by the Australian Small Winemakers Show 2019
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Introducing the 2018 Berrigan Shiraz from Mt Benson in South Australia.

This is a beauty of a wine that continues to surprise Shiraz lovers with its flavours of violet, clove, eucalypt and cracked pepper dominating, while fresh dark red fruits such as blueberries, cherries and plums sparkle alongside the creamy & precise French oak.

The cool, maritime climate of Mt Benson is the major reason why our wines remain elegant & medium-bodied as opposed to the big wines from warmer, more sun-drenched regions. Instead, our red wines pick up a lot more spicey characters, vibrant fruit and subtle tannin profiles, and nowhere is this more evident than in our Shiraz.

Did you know that the climate and soils in Robe and Mt Benson are very similar to that of certain parts of Bordeaux in France?

It’s a big reason why our wines all share some characteristics to that region however, I utilise different winemaking techniques to produce wines that are unique to Berrigan Wines and Mount Benson. The climate, in particular, is the major reason why our wines remain medium-bodied at most as opposed to the big wines from hotter, more sun-drenched regions to the north, east and west of us, so this Shiraz will match more easily with a wider range of foods as it won’t overpower and compete with your hard work in the kitchen.

“The decision-making process in making my wines always begins in the vineyard and this Shiraz was grown in our own vineyard with a large, open canopy to allow maximum sunlight exposure during our long, cool growing season. This extra sunlight during ripening allows better colour development in the skins, which translates to wines of deeper colour with soft, silky, elegant tannins in natural balance.”

“The vintage was nice and warm, so we were able to get a little more fruit depth into this wine, as opposed to the peppery spice that we usually see in our Shiraz.”   Dan Berrigan

14 days of warm fermentation and malolactic fermentation in open fermenters was completed on this wine, followed by 16 months maturation in fine-grain French oak barriques. The oak brings this wine together, softens the tannins, builds the mid-palate and gives the wine extra creaminess and weight which helps bring the WOW factor to this wine. This wine, due to its medium-bodied nature and soft tannins, is easy to pair with a wide variety of food and situations.