2018 Pinot Noir

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Introducing the 2018 Berrigan Pinot Noir grown in Robe, South Australia.

Pinot Noir is one of those tricky grape varieties isn’t it. It’s demanding on both the grape grower and the winemaker. It’s a wine that continues to intrigue us with its temperamental character yet elegant and seductive flavours. This wine will pique your senses with its blueberry, cherry flavours and a hint vanilla.

The cool, maritime climate of Robe is slightly cooler than Mount Benson (where the majority of Berrigan Wines grows its grapes), so naturally suits itself to Pinot Noir. This is because Pinot Noir is an early ripening grape variety that needs cool growing conditions to slow down ripening so that the sugars, flavours and tannins are ripe at the same time. Without this, Pinot Noir can be a little thin, or even worse, it could have no varietal character at all!

Luckily we have the cool climate region of Robe which is ideal for growing premium Pinot Noir grapes.

When it comes to the making of this wine, we treat it gently and let nature take its course. Trying too hard would only hide the subtle and elegant nature of this wine. A slow, cool ferment followed by only 4 months in 1, 2 and 3 year old French oak barrels before an early bottling to capture the delicate nuances.