2018 Chardonnay

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Introducing the Berrigan Chardonnay from the hidden region of Mount Benson in South Australia.

Chardonnay as a grape variety grows well in a variety of climates, but it’s when it’s grown in the cooler wine regions of the world such as that of Robe and Mt Benson that you get a great balance of delicate floral and fruit flavours, along with natural acidity and minerality. This is because the slower ripening experienced here allows the elegant floral and stone fruit flavours to gently accumulate in perfect harmony alongside the increasing sugar and phenolics in the grapes. The cooler days also slow the grape’s metabolism (and thus reduction) of organic acids, minimising the need for us to adjust the acidity in each wine to achieve balance.

The natural balance is found in all of our wines, and this classy little Chardonnay is a great wine to have with or without food.

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“This Chardonnay was sourced from a premium vineyard close to the winery and the fruit was harvested at sunrise. The grapes were pressed off very quickly, to separate the juice from the skins as soon as possible and to prevent the phenolics leeching into the juice and the resulting wine. I wanted this wine to be soft and delicate so minimising the skin contact helped eliminate the undesirable extraction of phenolics from the skins and seeds, and reduced the need for me to soften the wine further before bottling.”

“The fermentation was initially completed in stainless steel vats and the fermenting wine was transferred to barrel when almost dry. For 8 months this Chardonnay was matured in a combination of 1 yr old and 2 yr old fine-grained French oak barriques whilst also receiving regular lees stirring (re-suspending the yeast that has fallen to the bottom of the tank after ferment). This helped soften the wine naturally and built the mid-palate while introducing more flavour and complexity into the wine.” Dan Berrigan