Dan Berrigan

Winemaker & Explorer

Dan Berrigan has over 17 years winemaking experience both in the Australian and North American wine industry.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science majoring in Oenology (Winemaking) & Viticulture from the world renowned Adelaide University Waite Campus (formerly Roseworthy) in 2003, and went on to quickly gain experience both in Australia and abroad, focusing on cool climate regions such as Tasmania, Oregon and the Russian River region of Northern California.

Dan is a cool climate wine specialist and has a laser-like focus on producing wines that are both varietal and regional. From managing the vineyard year-round, to plunging the ferments, stirring the barrels, blending the wines...Dan does it all. 
He believes in minimal intervention winemaking and that balance is more important in wine than power

"As a Winemaker, what I look for in my wines is personality and poise. Personality in wine comes in the form of individuality, character and beauty and it is this personality that makes a wine interesting to me."

The poise of a wine is the balance between the wine's flavour, sweetness, acidity, alcohol and tannins.

"This balance can often be difficult to achieve, but with every year of experience under my belt I've been getting closer and closer to perfecting this." 
Dan Berrigan

The Mission

To show people all over Australia, how beautiful the wines from Mt Benson and Robe truly are, to give people the opportunity to taste these wines for themselves, and to make up their own minds as to whether they believe in what we stand for.

Part of our mission needs your help though. Your feedback about the wines is crucial to us better understanding you and your tastes, and from there we can further craft these wines to become a formidable weapon in your wine arsenal.

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