Our vineyard is located in Mount Benson, South Australia. We also source fruit from proven vineyards in Robe which is just down the road from us, but shares a slightly cooler climate. 

Average vineyard distance from the cold Southern Ocean is only 4 kilometers.

Small location map - Berrigan Wines


Classified as a cool climate region, the weather here is cool and dry during growing season with a very strong maritime influence. A large part of our unique climate during summer is due to the Bonny Upwelling. More on this later...

What does this cooler climate mean for the wine? Well, it means our grapes ripen slowly and slow ripening of grapes allows enough time for the grapevines to properly build deep colour and flavour in the grape skins, while also allowing the seed tannins to be ripe when it comes time for harvest. 

The lower temperature during ripening results in the intensification of the more delicate varietal flavours in our grapes, while maintaining perfect balance with the accumulation of sugar, colour and tannins.


Red loam over ancient, free draining limestone

Bonny Upwelling 

There is a very rare phenomenon off the coast of Robe called the Bonny Upwelling, where deep water is funneled to the surface of the ocean through a series of submarine canyons. This results in extremely cold surface water further influencing the climate of Robe and surrounding regions.

Other benefits of the upwelling include abundant marine animals that seek out the cold, nutrient dense waters.

If you love catching lobster or fish, then Robe is the place for you!