Mount Benson and Robe

South Australia

Cool Climate Viticulture

Proximity: 300km south of Adelaide, 5 km from the cold Southern Ocean
Climate: Cool and dry during growing season with a strong maritime influence.
Soil: Red loam over ancient, free draining limestone.

Located 300km south of Adelaide, the wine regions of Mt Benson and Robe are a new discovery and the wines are beginning to make serious waves in the Australian wine industry. They’re an elegant and unique alternative to those made from more well-known wine regions.

These two regions are part of the wider Limestone Coast wine region, which includes other regions such as Coonawarra, Padthaway and Wrattonbully, but what makes the wine from Mt Benson and Robe regions so special?

Firstly, I feel a need to tell everyone because I believe these wines have their own personality and natural balance, and they pair fantastically with a wider range of foods yet can easily be enjoyed on their own. The wines are a new experience and who doesn’t love trying something new?

Secondly, the high quality and elegant style of our wines are a result of a combination of natural factors such as wind, water, temperature, sunshine and soil. These are the influences that set the foundation for the development of the vines, and the ripening of the grapes.



Small location map - Berrigan WinesThe climate here is cool and dry during the growing season, and the location of the vineyards close to the cold Southern Ocean means that our daytime temperatures remain lower than that of inland and northern regions, while the night-time temperatures have lower variability due to the moderating effect of the ocean. There is also a very rare phenomenon off the coast of Robe called the Bonny Upwelling, where deep water is funneled to the surface through a series of submarine canyons. This results in extremely cold surface water further influencing the climate of Robe and surrounding regions.

The lower temperature during ripening results in the intensification of the more delicate varietal flavours in our grapes, while maintaining perfect balance with the accumulation of sugar, colour and tannins. The cooler temperature also slows the grape’s metabolism of it’s own organic acids, so at maturity, the grapes have a fresh, crisp natural acid balance.

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