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The Berrigan Winemaking Philosophy

  • We use the best viticultural techniques to achieve the maximum potential for grapes grown in the area.
  • Yields are kept low to ensure grape berries with abundant flavour.
  • We are fortunate in that the extremely dry summers mean that pests and the need for sprays are minimal.

Good wines begin with good grapes

At Berrigan Wines we believe that viticultural techniques, including site selection, matching grape varieties with the strengths of the area, and the best of grape growing practicies such as limiting yields, and regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) will produce the very best wine.

Site Selection

Our vines are planted on deep gravelly loams, and there is an abundant supply of high quality fresh water. The vineyards are south facing, catching the cooling sea breezes (the Fremantle Doctor!) coming in from the Indian Ocean on hot summer afternoons.

RDI - regulated deficit irrigation

RDI is a method of achieving premium grapes by limiting irrigation. Ground sensors measure the amount of moisture in the soil at various depths. Early in the growing season, only just enough water is supplied to control growth and limit berry size. This means that the berries are small with a high skin-to-pulp ratio leading to concentration of colour and flavours.

When veraison (berry-ripening) begins, the berries stop growing in size and more water is given to allow optimum ripening.