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The Vineyards at Creighton Farm

Creighton Farm is situated 80km north of Perth, Western Australia, 6km south of the township of Gingin, and 20km from the shores of the Indian Ocean. It is perched high on the Gingin escarpment over looking the coastal plain. The soils are well drained alluvial gravel/loam and are the rich red colour of iron stone country.The Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot are planted in the red gravelly soils, while the Verdelho is planted in the sandy loam soils.

The vineyards face south to maximise the benefits of the strong afternoon sea breeze (known locally as the Fremantle Doctor) which whips in from the Indian Ocean, cooling the vineyard in hot summer days.

The Gingin Area

The climate is cool wet winters with warm dry summers and cool nights. The growing and ripening season is predominantly in summer from November to late April. There is little rain during this time, rainfall occurring most in the winter months. The grapes are guaranteed to ripen well during the warm days and cool nights of summer.

Winter in the Vineyard

By July the vines have gone into dormancy. Brilliant yellow and reds have disappeared and the vines are bare. The cattle roam through, eating the weeds so there is no need for herbicide spraying. In mid-July the vines are barrel pruned prior to hand pruning. Our vines are all spur pruned.