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The history of Berrigan Wines

Berrigan Wines is a boutique, Western Australian, family business aimed at producing quality premium wines.

Creighton Farm was purchased by the Berrigan Family in 1997. The farm was previously developed in 1842 and was one of the first settled in the area, due to its rich gravelly loam soils and abundant water. For most of its early life Creighton Farm had been run as a cattle property.

In the past there had been a large successful vineyard on the property which indicated the potential for viticulture. Tina and Tom Berrigan then established the current vineyards in 1998. First plantings were of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by Merlot and Verdelho in 2000. The first wine was Creighton Farm 2003 Cabernet Merlot, which was very well received and won a silver medal in the Qantas Wine Show. This wine quickly sold out.

Tom and Tina Berrigan

Tina is in charge of the vineyard, has a certificate in viticulture, and handles the day-to-day activities in the business. Her favourite wine is Verdelho and she looks forward to the day she makes her first Berrigan Wines Verdelho, whereas Tom prefers red wines. Berrigan Wines has its wines made on a contract basis but in the future Tom would like to establish a winery on the property.

Tom and Tina market Berrigan Wines through a few select outlets:Liquor Traders Australia (Selby Street, Wembley), Scarborough Cellars (Scarborough Beach Rd, Doubleview), Gingin Hotel (Jones St, Gingin), Celebrations (Brockman Rd, Gingin).




The vines and the creek

Australia has some of the oldest grapevines in the world, as a lot of Europe’s vineyards were diseased in the 1800s. The UK now imports more wine from OZ than from France!